About CNS

Our Mission

CNS is a recognized leader in outsourced IT services to small and midsize businesses. We achieve our award-winning results by recruiting and retaining a world-class team, adhering to best-practices, delivering services consistently, and maintaining best-in-class technology partnerships. Our customers work with us because we offer high-quality, consistent service, which we’re able to deliver by working only with managed clients. We prize both teamwork and individual accountability. Hard work is rewarded and is balanced with personal time. We are committed to growth through aggressive sales and marketing and to longevity through sound fiscal management.

Our Values

Our Value is in our People – Employee empowerment and satisfaction is our top priority. If employees are happy and satisfied in their work, our customers will be too.
Transparent Relationships Yield Positive Outcomes – It’s in our best interest to be fully transparent with our customers about our business model, our approach, and our motives. If we’re not transparent, we’re doing something wrong. We expect the same level of transparency from our customers.
Investment in Best Practices and Due Diligence Always Pays Off – Our business model forces us to follow defined best-practices and be diligent in our planning. Because we commit to a fixed price in both service and project delivery, we must not deviate to placate a customer or save a few dollars.
Continuous Improvement is a Requirement for Success – Our field is competitive and staying at the top requires us to invest in ourselves, each other, and the organization as a whole.
The Right Person for the Right Job – We each bring unique gifts and talents to the organization. By recognizing and promoting each individuals skills, we are more than the sum of our parts.
Done is better than Perfect – We strive for excellence in every project and endeavor and must deliver a high quality product. However, we must not allow the desire for perfection prevent us from completing our work.
Best-in-Class is a Requirement – The metrics for best-in-class IT service providers are known. To stay competitive, we must always be striving to achieve best-in-class outcomes in all areas of the business.

Why Choose CNS?

  • Customers buy from us because they’ve struggled with the quality of IT service delivery in the past. Prior outcomes have been inconsistent and/or costly mistakes have been made.
  • Our customers know we will keep their IT services running smoothly, without unexpected bills.
  • We maintain high-quality service delivery for our customers because we don’t do project work for organization that haven’t committed to a managed service relationship.
  • CNS maintains high quality of service by standardizing our technology stack and limiting the number of vendors we work with. We only partner with technology vendors that are recognized leaders in their field.
  • CNS focuses on retention of both employees and customers. Employee retention is achieved with fair salaries and performance-based raises. Customer retention is achieved through high-quality service delivery.
  • Our employees like working at CNS because it’s a team environment and we prioritize a healthy work-life balance. While overtime and after-hours work are required in IT, we limit our overtime commitments through careful planning and expert-knowledge of our customers’ networks.
  • We invest in training and recognition to improve employee capability and morale.
  • We hire people who contribute to the team environment and who help create a culture of learning and success.
  • CNS is committed to consistent growth and responsible financial management.

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Serving NC in the following areas: Charlotte, Matthews, Monroe, Mooresville, Concord, Gastonia, Fort Mill

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